Milos Turquoise dream worlds


Once a travel journey begins, the magic of exploring a new place hits instantly. More so, to have the luxury to travel without thinking of what you have left behind and to deep dive into your location is addictive to me. I would have liked to have arrived relaxed in Milos but reality had a different (not so perfect) plan.  Although we had chosen the “faster ferry” to arrive at the port of Milos, there was a two hour delay with five hours spent below deck. The journey was not as smooth as expected but what we would be about to experience in the coming days is almost impossible to beat in beauty, elegance and relaxation.   

The best time to visit Milos

As it quickly turned out, end of May was the perfect time to visit Milos. On almost all the beaches me and my partner were nearly alone or only had to share the beach with few people leaving us with ample space. The weather was also just perfect. We had on average 25 degrees, the sun was shining almost the whole day, and the water had a pleasant temperature. Milos showed us its best side and flattered us with it’s charm. 

Why Milos?

My Greek colleague Dimi helped me to decide which islands to visit. In the end we decided to visit Milos. I thought the size of the island was perfect and I was impressed by the images I found online. I’m not a big fan of driving around the island for over an hour to get to a nice, not overcrowded beach. In Milos it took about 20 minutes to get from the north to the south. On the way, one passes a number of  incredibly beautiful beaches. Both the beaches in the north and those in the south are absolutely recommended. With only 5 days, our stay was almost too short. I would definitely take more time for the next time.


Milos is an island and therefore surrounded by water. It was clear to me that I wanted to see as many beaches as possible. On our arrival, we were told that we could not drive to all areas with a car, as most of the west part of Milos is not accessible. The alternative would have been a 4×4 car which was quite expensive or a quad which drives quite slowly and besides has no roof for sun protection. Our home host gave us an idea to make a boat tour and discover the west coast. North and south are accessible and with the large selection of different beaches you do not get tired of all those beaches. The east, like the west, is rather difficult to access.

Sarakiniko: The Greek version of the Moon Landing

First impression: WOW! Second, third and fourth impression: WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Here the Influencer heart beats higher, not a centimetre of this place you can’t find anywhere on social media. Sarakiniko is really unique and surreal. The white rocks and their formation in contrast to the turquoise blue of the sea are a real feast for the eyes. What the beautiful pictures don’t show is the crowds of people. I don’t want to imagine how crowded this place must be in the high season. With the tourism comes also the garbage, unfortunately. The beach is definitely worth a visit but from my point of view it does not entice to stay for a long time as the beach sections are very small and full of people. Those who want to relax and rest won’t enjoy this place. Those who want nice pictures and some action are absolutely on the right spot.




Paliochori: Colourful hustle and bustle

This beach is famous for its hot underwater springs. If you snorkel, you can see it gently bubbling and on the beach itself it smells slightly of sulphur. This beach is full of colorful rocks that are  impressive . The beach is narrow and relatively long. In the front part there are two or three beach bars with sunbeds and parasols to rent. The more relaxed and beautiful part is the nudist area at the end. We liked this beach very much and we were here relatively often because it was clean and we loved the relaxed atmosphere very much. Those who visit Paliochori and don’t want to rent a parasol should definitely buy a parasol at the port. There is none to very little shade at this beach.


Archivadolimni: Is this the Caribbean?

If you like long and beautiful sandy beaches, you will love this place. This beach is relaxed, has fine sand and the water is crystal clear. Due to the relatively low water depth, the temperature of the water is a little warmer than on the other beaches. On windy days, you should not visit Archivadolimni, as the fine sand swirls around and can quickly land in the eye. For the sunny days it is recommended to use a parasol. At the beginning there is a beach bar/restaurant where you can rent parasols and sunbeds, but also eat and drink.



Mytakas: Small oasis of silence

I do not know if it is always so quiet here but when we were visiting at the end of May we had the beach nearly to ourselves. Mytakas is a small but fine sandy beach with low water depth. Here you can snorkel and see how the sun creates patterns on the seabed. At the end of the beach there is a kind of half open “cave” where there are always people. This looks really nice and you have shade but apart from that I personally preferred the beach as you have it literally for yourself. This beach is definitely worth a visit.



The boat tour: The West is the best

As mentioned, per the  advice of our host, we decided to go on a boat trip. The price per person was 90 € including food, drinks (alcohol included), snorkel set and towels. The Oneiro boat tour was recommended to us and we can absolutely recommend it too. Elias was our captain and did everything to guarantee our well-being. Besides food and drink there was a lot to see. This boat trip was one of the most beautiful experiences of our whole trip. Discovering the island from this perspective, snorkeling in turquoise water and small caves, seeing soft corals and a lot of fish. On top of all of this, we were surrounded by friendly people from Greece, Brazil, France and the USA– it was a simply incredibly enriching. This perfect day ended with a lot of Ouzo and so we could enjoy our dinner with a big smile, tired and a bit tipsy.


Milos: Plaka, Apollonia, Klima and what else you should do and see

Those who do not only hang out at the beach and also get to know the charm of the island should definitely visit places like Plaka, Apollonia, Klima and others. Milos has so many magical places to relax, watch sunsets, go for walks and be enchanted by the spirit of these places. Depending on the preferences and tastes, everyone will find what they are looking for.


I will be brief: Plaka is the “capital” of the island, a small labyrinth with picturesque little streets, typical white houses, restaurants, small cafés, tourist shops and breathtaking views. Both during the day and in the evening a visit is worthwhile. From the castle you have a wonderful view to enjoy the perfect sunset.



This small town in the northeast of the island and it is home to the best restaurants on Milos. It is also a very romantic place right on the coast. Gialos was one of our absolute favorite restaurants and is located in Apollonia directly at the small fishing port. After dinner you can go for a walk and enjoy a coffee or a drink at Opsidianos overlooking the sea.



Yes, Klima is sweet. But is it worth a visit? We walked from our apartment in Triovasalou (where the real Greek families live, highly recommended) about 35-30 minutes down the hill, which was very nice.It was much more relaxed than the way back up the hill next to the catacombs. Klima is definitely an eye-catcher but there is not much to do except a few tourist shops. Those who nevertheless decide to do so should watch the sunset there and have dinner after at Methysméni Politeía.



Let it flow

Don’t plan too much. Let yourself drift, get lost in the little streets, stop somewhere if you see a beautiful landscape and watch the breathtaking sunsets. Milos is not (yet) too touristy so you can enjoy relatively pristine places. This was the third Greek island I have visited in my life and I have to say that Milos has a very special place in my heart. If you have been to Milos before or plan to visit the island, I would be happy to hear about your experiences, tips or questions in the comments. Many thanks for stopping by.