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It must have been a trivial day in a small town in the southwest of Germany when I took my first photo with a relatively cheap, fully automatic viewfinder camera. At that time no magic, no special process, which took place in front of my inner eye, no attraction, which started with this photo. Probably I photographed my feet and looked for a reason to annoy my older brother. All in all, the memories of this moment are very vague and it doesn’t really matter who or what I had in front of my lens that day. Countless pictures of flowers, family members, my room, boring nature shots, me crying in front of the mirror, laughing or looking serious and so on followed after that first picture I did. Out of this chaos of pictures and moments I developed a great love for photography. With photography I suddenly had a companion who could capture everything for me. This blog is a blueprint of my life, my experiences, my thoughts and ideas. Journeys. Food. Photography. Culture in all her facets. Things that move me and other artists whose work I love. Have fun on my blog,

Christian Kuhn